Covid-19 Tournament/League Play Protocols

This is the Clearwater Horseshoe Club’s Plan, as submitted by the club and approved by the City of Clearwater for an October 1, 2020 start date:

The club has 18 horseshoe courts that are 12 feet apart. Each court has
two (2) pitching platforms that are 6 feet apart, for a total of 36 pitching platforms that are each 6 feet apart. We have a morning shift 9 am-12:30pm, and an afternoon shift
1 pm-4:30 pm. Therefore we can safely have up to 36 players in the AM on the
18 courts and 36 players in the PM on the 18 courts. Player participation at
tournaments would not exceed 36 registrants with a maximum of 50 at the facility at any one time. We will not have more than 30 players at any one time on the courts during our league play.

Detail Policy for player safety.

This policy will apply for club members, players, (guests, and spectators if permitted).
This policy will apply for both league play and tournament play. All horseshoe pitching competitions (leagues and tournaments) are outdoors. No more than 2 people per court (singles play). Access to the club house is for administrative officers only. Face coverings are required when unable to maintain 6’ social distancing and/or while indoors (i.e.restrooms/clubhouse). Wearing of masks is optional, but
recommended in outdoor areas where people are less than 6 feet apart. Only singles play is allowed.

Hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes will be available at various locations. Bleachers will be sanitized, and seating marked 6 feet apart for players only. At this time Spectators are not permitted. Selling of water and soda permitted by the club with proper safety pre-cautions in place (i.e. social distancing markings, separate order/pickup locations, etc). Selling of pre-packaged food items such as chips, cookies, snack bars, etc. is
permitted with proper safety pre-cautions in place (i.e. social distancing markings, separate order/pickup locations, etc). Players may bring their
own food, drinks and seating. Sharing of equipment is not allowed.

Pre-Registration is required for league and tournament play. Check-in
and attendance logs will be kept for each tournament. Check-in will
consist of one table with a volunteer. Participants must be preregistered and may check-in no more than 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament. Hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in counter.Attendance logs will need to be kept for each day the club is open.All equipment will be wiped down/sanitized between users.If multiple shifts are utilized, common touch points and equipment willbe sanitized in between shifts. Common touch points will be wiped down/sanitized throughout the day (i.e. restrooms, doorknobs, gates, etc.)

Anyone who has a fever or is sick should stay home.
Anyone who has a pre-existing health issue should consider staying
Members of the club will be responsible for monitoring for compliance to the “return to play plan”. The Club will adhere to the City of Clearwater policy for reporting individuals who show signs of become symptomatic.

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