Tips By Top Players

Alan Francis

“You must practice. You must have determination.  You must be patient because you aren’t always going to go into a game for the first time and pick it up right away.  You must be persistent.  It is important because it takes several years to find a style of pitching that fits you best.  You must be confident in your ability.  This comes when you do well and see progress in your game”.

Joan Elmore

“You have yo want it, there has to be a want in you to want to move up.  There are lots and lots of pitchers who are satisfied in their own class.  And they’re happy with that, and that’s good.  But if you want to excel you have to put in the time.  Winning a tournament the very first time is exciting, it’s a goal that you reached, but defending it is, to me, wonderful.  It’s more of a challenge, and it makes a better pitcher out of you, trying to defend.  No matter what your age, find something to do.  Keep active with something you enjoy.  And of course,  I would recommend horseshoes to anyone.  It’s great exercise and a great time meeting people.”

Brian Simmons

“I line my body up in the middle of the platform as it gives me room to move either right or left when missing the stake to the right or left.  PRACTICE.  I practice 3-4 times a week, 1-3 hours each day or 200-300 shoes.  I concentrate on my release point.  I find if you can release your shoe chest high, and in the middle of  your chest, you will have perfect height and alignment for the stake.  Thinking of your chest helps your release point as well as follow-through.  A correct follow-through will help improve your game.  Strong concentration is important.  Don’t be afraid to try something different or experiment on different things.”